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If you wonder what colors suit you best;
And you want to know what lines are the most flattering for your silhouette;
If you struggle choosing an outfit everytime you have to attend a special event;
Or you want to know which haircut or makeup or accessories are a better fit for you;
If sometimes you feel lost with these isssues or the like…
Good news, you are in the right place!

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Image Consultancy

Regardless of your daily activity, feeling comfortable with your own image will make you feel better and therefore, face life with another quality of feeling. Be authentic, show through your image how unique and special you are.

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Closet Detox

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ... no matter the day of the week, sitting on the edge of the bed with the closet open as if it were a temple, the everlasting question, what should I wear? It is a constant struggle.

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Hair, Makeup, Accessories

Knowing the shape of our face and our features: that's the key. It will help us choose from glasses to earrings, to know what hair style will be a success, to know what type of neckline is the most flattering, to choose what makeup to use and how to apply it, to highlight our natural beauty and see us radiant...

Women's white dresses hanging on hangers

Special Event

A wedding, a company dinner, an inauguration, a date, New Year's Eve ... take a deep breath and don't stress, I will help you make the perfect choice of the look.

Woman holding two white and beige shopping paper bags

Shopping Spree

When making new purchases, knowing what colors are best for us and what are the most flattering lines for our body will help us make the right choice of garments, and these will highlight our best qualities.

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Color Analysis

Has it ever happened to you that someone asks you "are you all right? You don't look fine" Or say "You look fantastic!" and you can't figure out why? Probably in both cases the answer resides in color.

Woman raising both arms with stripe light color

Body Shape Study

Knowing our figure and proportions help us make the right choice of garments, to highlight our qualities, it can helps us enhance those parts that we like most about our figure or attenuate those that do not seem so perfect to us. It can result in a total change of our image.

Clothing items and pair of shoes in luggage

Packing the Perfect Suitcase

Packing can take hours and become a headache. No worries, I will teach you to pack the perfect suitcase, with just a few garments we can create different looks true to your style, adapted to the type of trip and the needs of each occasion.

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Services | mYmage