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Susana is an experienced Personal Brand and Image Consultant that has made her life’s mission to help others present their best selves to the world. She holds a degree in Marketing as well as multiple certifications in Image and Fashion Consulting from prestigious schools in Madrid, Hamburg, London and Milan.

Turning her passion into her profession, she founded her own agency, mYmage, from where she encourages her customers to lean on who they are on the inside, incorporate their true essence into their outfits, and convey the right message on the outside. She is passionate about providing effective tools and strategies to help her clients showcase their most confident, authentic selves through their fashion choices, with great results.

She also applies the same style guidelines to corporate branding, incorporating the human aspect of organisations and people into their image and communications.

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Susana González Image Consultant
Susana González
Image Consultant

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mYmage offers services focused on personal image, fashion, trends and styling. With our services you will discover many image consulting tricks on fashion, trends, styling, makeup, hair, color… that will surely help you define your style, optimize your image and project a desired and correct personal image. If you are passionate about personal image, then this is your website!